Muevete – J Jarman

Y vela-Castro, Warcop school Written for Vocal Union project 2006-7. Easy Spanish up-beat song – harmonies, guitar/ piano, few words KEY STAGE 1, 2, 3 & upwards


Molto Bene Grazie

Jennifer Ellin Greetings song in italian. Can be sung as a round or with a repeated riff (ostinato). Written for Beaconside Junior School for their Vocal Union assembly KEY STAGE 1, 2, 3

mp3 | score

May The Force Be With You

new words to ‘Throw Catch’ by Skura Adapted by Mr White, Science teacher at Spring Gardens Primary School and VU leaders Sofia Castro and Claire Tustin. Mr White wanted a song to help him teach children the concept of ‘forces’, we then tied it in with the school’s international week by adding some Portuguese words.)
KEY STAGE 1, 2, 3

words | mp3

Man Named Jack – Joe Johnston

“This is a short round designed for children around KS2. The rhythm is meant to challenge and enhance a sense of pulse whilst the lyrics are adaptable to almost anything and can allow the children to be really imaginative. For example the lyrics may be changed to “I once saw a girl named Mel, she kept on ringing a bell, I said ‘shut that thing up’ she said, Go away go away… etc’. The lyrical format is designed in this way to allow the children to take ownership of their own verse and give them a sense of empowerment through the music. Although I appreciate the song can not be used as an excuse for any child named Claire the come in the next day with green and blue stripy hair and expect to get away with it.”


Love You Baby –

BlueJam “All You Gotta Do Is Sing” composition. Fast swing round – a capella Community choirs. Can also be done more slowly Boom Dee Ida


Let It Out – Airto Moreira arr. Jilly Jarman

Amazingly popular with groups and soloists from primary up. Here is a 3-part harmony version with vocal bassline and a 2-part riff inspired by the original solo. Buy the original: beatboxing vocals fantastic. (last track on Life After That) KEY STAGE 2 & 3

score | mp3

The Lady With The Lamp – Alison Coates

Alison Coates wrote this for Spittal First School in Berwick-upon-Tweed in February 2008 for a Hearts and Minds project with 20,000 voices. Their topic was Florence Nightingale. KEY STAGE 2


Joyeux Noel – Jilly Jarman

Carol with words in French, Spanish and Ibo – about crossing borders. Solo line verses, and chorus and bridge with harmonies. Introduction 3-part wind arrangement. Jazz/indie. School orchestra score available from KEY STAGE 2 & UPWARDS

mp3 (sung By North Lakes School Choir, Penrith) | score