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Words by Pilar Marchori A very simple remembering song based on the clave rhythm. Just four notes to sing. English/Spanish, Spanish/English

score | Audio | words – pronunciation


J Jarman, Y Vela-Castro, Warcop school. Written for Vocal Union project 2006-7. Easy Spanish up-beat song – harmonies, guitar/ piano, few words.
KEY STAGE 1, 2, 3 & upwards



Jilly Jarman and Pilar Marchori Spanish piece with optional piano/guitar/accordion accompaniment. English and Spanish words. Good with movements, dance steps and counting games.

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Ala Nanita Nana – shared by Charles Consaul from Canada

‘This is a traditional Spanish Lullaby that is typically sung as a Christmas Carol. My students taught it to me, and I did the best I could to do justice to it. If you can suggest any improvements, I would be happy to consider them. The carol is sung in Spanish and the phonetic pronunciation is included on the separate sheet, as close as I could get it.’ See more on


Adio Mama

Traditional song from Cuba.
‘Goodbye Mum, Goodbye Dad, I’m off to the carnival!’ 
Parts based on the clave, very few words. Useful for introducing samba rhythms and mixing percussion and voice.

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