Traditional song with a lovely tune – a great way to learn the days of the week. ‘Laurentia, my dear Laurentia, when will we be together again?’ ‘On Sunday (etc.)’ ‘When will it be Sunday (etc) again?’

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Laterne, Laterne

Song associated with the traditions of St Martin’s day (11th November):
Translation: Lantern, lantern, Sun, moon and stars, Burn brightly, my light, Burn brightly, my light, But don’t burn my lovely lantern.
Suitable for Key Stage 2.

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Froh zu sein, bedarf es wenig

This is a song which can be sung as a 2 or 4 part round. It means: To be happy requires little, and he who is happy is king!

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Ein sehr kalter Winter

A new German round. Thanks to Corinna from London.
“Ein sehr kalterWinter ist
Wenn ein Wolf ein Wolf ein Wolf den andern frisst!
(It is a very cold winter if one wolf eats up another)

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Tape ton pied

This is a similar tune to Old Joe Clark. It is in the mixolydian mode and has a lovely melody. Section 1 and 2 fit together and you can add a lower harmony quite easily.

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Par la fenetre ouverte

This is lovely for allowing children to sing their name in French. Use a ball to take attention away from solo singing if anyone is nervous.

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Il court le furet

This is a game similar to’ Duck, Duck, Goose’. You need a furry creature (Feret) or you could swap the words to another woodland creature e.g. la souris (mouse)

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Summer Is A Coming In

Medieval English folk song. Can be sung as a round. There are lots of arrangements for choirs available as well. Also spelt ‘Sumer is icumen in’. 

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Sing To The Rhythm

Wonderful song built around call and response. Taught to Sian Croose by Black Voices, a fantastic vocal group.



This is a South African Zulu song which means: ‘What have we done?’
Beccy Owen 
Audio (Beccy Owen – parts) | Audio (Hannah Reid)


Vocal Union training day grouplet. Call and response – good fun – all about yetis etc. 
Any age 
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