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Penrith Transition Choir 2010-11

The transition project is now entering its second year and already there are some exciting new developments as well as ideas for improvements to the way it was delivered last year.

Funding has been secured by Jilly Jarman from Vocal Union for the music facilitation and training elements of the project. Please get in touch to arrange sessions in your school for the Spring Term.
Dawn Hurton has also secured funding from Awardsfor All for a partnership project:

'Moving On Together'

This will fund extra transition activities including group work, friendship networking, dance, band workshops and other creative and practical elements (including some support for school transport costs.)

There will be a separate web site set up for Penrith Transition Choir but for now this page will continue to be used to post scores and mp3s.

What we did in our first year 2009-2010- archive of old scores and mp3s.

If you have pictures or video or audio recordings you would like to share, please get in touch with Jilly:


Updated ideas for the new concert programme

After two sessions and having been able to try out some of the material and talk to some teachers I am suggesting the following programme.

Fear No More from Shakespeare Songs by Scott Stroman

This is a song from his latest song cycle which Scott has generously said we can use. It has been performed by a very large primary choir at Royal Albert Hall and it should sound fantastic too in Penrith Leisure Centre. Through the use of instruments it will introduce the choir to subtle and compelling harmonies and progressions without needing them to be able to sing those harmonies themselves.
This song is dramatic and very strong and should appeal as there will be clashing drums and cymbals. It also introduces the challenge of singing in a reasonably high head voice but with a little bit of power.
mp3 - piano accompaniment (slow-ish) | singing clip from Stainton School | updated score

1,2,3,4 by Feist

This has been really popular and ably introduced by Mouse. With a strong band behind it it should raise the roof.
Here is a guitar backing track and vocal guide from Mouse
backing track | guide vocal

Good News, Chariots a-comin

This gospel song has yet to really take off in rehearsal but with the UCC choir learning the response parts it should sound great.

Down By The Riverside

Down By The Riverside sung to a Samba beat.
There are three parts: "I'm gonna lay down my burden", which can be a soloist, "down by!" which is a harmony response, followed by the main harmony response: "Down by the riverside".
score in D for use in school with guitars etc.
score in Eb for the concert

Can't Take You Nowhere - Dave Frishberg

This is an energetic and humorous swing piece with a fast vocal delivery which has been popular with the individual schools I have tried it with. At the second rehearsal with the clarinets, trumpets and an inspiring scatting demonstration from James (QEGS) and Josh (UCC) it started to come alive.
mp3 (thanks to Bewcastle for letting me record their first go at it) | score

Performance idea: costumes from the era: simple moves for the whole choir: a 'movie scene' acting out the plot either live or on video.

Zuma laba - Zulu warrior song

score - I have arranged this for higher voices


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