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I have added some songs I think you might like to do, which we haven't looked at yet. This page cannot be accessed straight from the site as it is not publicly available - just type bewcastle.php after the site url in your address bar. If you get stuck, email jillyjarman@mac.com

Aint Gonna Let Nobody
American protest song arr. Sharon Durant
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As I Went Down To The River To Pray
Alison Kraus from Brother Where Art Thou
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Chiro Chacho
Fantastic South African song in 7.

Belle Mama
Traditional tune from Torre Straits: 'Beautiful Mother Earth'. It works in round or in a canon and with improvised parts.

Chiro Chacho
Fantastic South African song in 7.

Damn Your Eyes - Etta James arr. Jilly Jarman
Funky two part song with great words

Don't Forget To Live - Casey Whittaker
Lovely ballad with harmony by young singer/songwriter. Sung here with Claire Ritson from Bewcastle School, Cumbria
score \ wma file

Down To The River To Pray - Alison Krauss
Gospel song from Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Easy harmony parts.
KS 2,3 adult

Eyes on the Prize by Dianne Reeves - a fantastic jazz and classical singer from the States who writes powerful songs
score | mp3-full choir arrangement | mp3 (verse sung by Lauren)

Freedom Is Coming
Traditional gospel song. Easy harmony parts with exciting counter melody.
KS 1,2,3 adult
score | mp3s - all parts |harmony 1 | harmony 2 | harmony 3

Garai Pano
Song from Zimbabwe. Learnt by Sian Crooze from Yvonne Burgess. Sung as people come into Church. In English it means: 'Sit here the Spirit is Coming.' Short song with very few words. Lovely harmonies.
KS 1,2,3 adult
mp3 | score

Go Down, Moses
Traditional spiritual. Speaks of release from oppression and can be related to both a cry for freedom and a religous expression. This is a simple folk version.
KS 1,2,3 adult
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Extremely popular song in Swahili from Kenya. 3 part harmonies - many different versions. Easy song to play on tin whistles or recorders.
There are many different versions - these are the two verses taught by Batanai Marimba, plus English words written by Beaconside Infants for their Year 6 leaving celebration
score | words | mp3 to come

I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness, acapella arr. Jilly Jarman

Song from Cuba. Learnt by Sian Crooze from Inner Sense.
| score

Mama Don't Allow No Music
Originally a skiffle/bluegrass song from the US which has been adapted to almost every style.
Very popular.
You can bring in all the different instruments and make up new categories - beatboxers, walkin’ bass, plinky-plonk piano - etc. Easy to add percussion to and mimic the sounds of the instruments.
This is a jazz variation on the tune with a really easy accompaniment.
mp3 | pdf

Traditional Ghanaian song. Very popular and easy to sing as a round. Many schools make up their own words.
mp3 | score

Traditional Zulu. Taught to Sian by Black Voices. 2 soprano, 2 alto parts with optional bass part. The words mean, 'As we journey through our life, have we done enough to get to Heaven?'
| score

Arrangements by Hannah Reid of song learned from Su Hart.
mp3 | mp3 with piano

O leyo - a Ghanaian women's song - A call to work
Taught to Sian Croose by Anna Mudeka. A call and response with easy harmonies.
KEY STAGE 2 to adult

One Day
Deep down in my soul
mp3 | mp3 round | score

Round and round the world is turning
Beautiful song introduced by Sarah Kekus at VU training Day July 10th 09
mp3 parts | mp3 round | score

This is a South African Zulu song which means: 'What have we done?'
Beccy Owen
mp3 (Beccy Owen - parts) | mp3 (Hannah Reid)

Tue, tue
Translation to English means: we are thankful for our Harvest. There are many versions and spellings of the words.
mp3 (Sung by Bryony etc) | mp3 (Sung by Hannah Reid)
Here are a few variations found on the web.

Tula Mama
Harmonised excerpt from a harvest song sung by school children to Cumbrian teachers on an exchange visit to Uru, Tanzania. (Sung here by Bewcastle Community Choir)
mp3 | mp3 parts | score

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